Australian Skateboarding Federation


The Australian Skateboarding Federation is the only National Body Solely focused on Skateboarding.

The ASF  provides accreditation’s of judges and coaches, sanctions contests and events, and develops skateboarding throughout Australia.

If you’re  looking to skateboard in a contest, make sure it contains the ASF logo or is sanctioned by them. Its the only way to push development into the national rankings and also puts you at ease that you have a contest that is well run, judged fairly and has a pathway.

Classes and Workshops
if your attending a workshop or coaching class, the ASF provide the course for your coach to be able to deliver these events with insurance.  If your unsure ask your coach or contact the ASF to confirm they are qualified and covered.

Global Connection
The ASF is the affiliate of the International Skateboarding Federation here in Australia.  The people who connect with Street League and Tampa Am.