2016 State Bowlriding Championship Results



1st – Ethan Copeland
2nd – George Richards
3rd – Jesse Noonan (2016 Opens QLD Champion)
4th – Mat Chigwidden
5th – Izak Reeves
6th – Billy Bagner
7th – Zepp Hayes
8th – Sam Renwick
9th – Shai Balmer
10th – Damon Cahill
11th – Brodie Jarrett
12th – Jackson Rich
13th – Alan Miller
14th – Jeriah Chilly
15th – Cody Wilson
16th – Tony Chavez
17th – Matthew Cheney
18th – Indigo Fiedler
19th – John Dickenson
20th – Brody Cross



1st – Taniah Meyers (2016 QLD Champion)
2nd – Charlotte Heath
3rd – Aimee Massie
4th – Haylie Powell
5th – Evie Ryder
6th – Zahra Johns



1st – Zane Hetherington (12 and Under QLD Champion)
2nd – Louis Newman
3rd – Karlin Ohalloran
4th – Josh Godward
5th – Riley Mccomb
6th – Jack Lewis
7th – Zachary Meyers
8th – Ocean Barker


1st – Ethan Copeland
2nd – Sam Windhorst
3rd – Karlin O’halloran
4th – Louis Newman (16 and Under QLD Champion)
5th – Josh Godward
6th – Zepp hayes

The 2016 Mayoral Contest Results

The 2016 Mayoral Contest was in full swing this year. With Competitors travelling over 700km to compete in the Annual Contest. Results Below and Video to come.

Baus Headwear 12 and Under Results

1st Louis Newman (Brisbane)
2nd Kai Roden (Brisbane)
3rd Riley Mccomb (logan)
4th Lincoln Quinlan (Toowoomba)
5th Wylie Gordon (Gatton)
6th Johnny Madonis
7th Noah Nelson
7th Tully Bourke (Sunshine Coast)
8th Luke Shine

1st Haylie Powell (Caloundra)








Z-Flex 16 and Under Results  
1st Tynan Williams (Sunshine Coast)
2nd Carter Quinlivan (Sunshine Coast)
3rd Louis Newman (Brisbane)
4th Riley Mccomb (logan)
5th Sean Carroll (Toowoomba)
6th Liam Hall (Redcliffe)
7th Billy Bagner (Gold Coast)
8th Jake Roberts
9th Jack Ranger
10th Connor Chappell (brisbane)
10th Dylan Moore
10th Zac Hall (redcliffe)











Shred Channel Opens / Pro
 Joey Cormack ($1000) (Byron Bay)
2nd Kalem Beange ($500) (New Zealand)
3rd Jeriah Chilly ($250) (Nambour)
4th Tim Prickett (Cleveland)
5th Josh Weribone (Toowoomba)
6th Kain Gilgen (sunshine Coast)
6th Justin Baird (Toowoomba)
6th Brent Dobson (Toowoomba)
7th Ben Griffin (nambour)
8th Jett Stanton (Brisbane)
Michael Lawry (Redcliffe)
10th Cameron Dobson (Toowoomba)
11th Pedro Day (Logan)


Kaiser Baas Best Trick
1st Ben Griffin (Nambour)

Special Thanks to Mayor Paul Antonio, Kaiser Baas, Z-Flex, Shred Channel, Youth Connect TRC, Toowoomba Regional Council, XS energy

Pre qualified Mayoral contest Competitors

In Round 20 and 21 of the Wolves of Street, the top 2 from each division were allowed to pre qualify for the Mayoral on August 27.

The pre qualified people so far are:

Shred Channel Opens/Pro
Brent Dobson
Carter Quinlivan
Keegan Williams
Justin Beard

16 and Under
Carter Quinlivan
Sean Carroll
Harry Degraff

12 and Under
Lincoln Quinlan
Wylie Gordon

Carter Quinlivan Steps it up in Toowoomba

Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, 14 year old Carter Quinlivan took out not only the Epic Gear 16 and Under wolves of Street but took on the 138 Skateboards Opens Division.

Keegan Williams the local was in good control all day but went down to Carter in the final minutes.

Lincoln Quinlan and other locals from the development program in Toowoomba entered the Rukus Riders 12 and under and took it out strongly.

Final Results
138 Skateboards Opens

1st – Carter Quinlivan

2nd – Keegan Williams

3rd – Brent Grainger
Epic Gear 16 and Under

1st – Carter Quinlivan

2nd – Sean Carroll
Rukus riders 12 and Under

1st – lincoln Quinlan

Contest Results Last weekend of July

Lone Wolf Bracken Ridge

Etnies Opens Pro
1st Simon Prakash

Sk8er 16 and Under
1st Corey Nixon

Disco Bearings 12 and Under
1st Louis Newman


Brisbane Shredders league
Extremes team – 1st

Skatebiz team – 2nd

Sk8er team – 3rd


Sydney Shredders League
Red team – 1st

Green team – 2nd

Blue team – 3rd

Gold Coast Shredders League

1st – Skate Connection Team

2nd – Skate2clean Team

3rd – Epic Gear Team

Logan Shredders League

1st – Epic Gear Team

2nd – Rukus Riders Team

3rd – Watersports Team