Carter Quinlivan Steps it up in Toowoomba

Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, 14 year old Carter Quinlivan took out not only the Epic Gear 16 and Under wolves of Street but took on the 138 Skateboards Opens Division.

Keegan Williams the local was in good control all day but went down to Carter in the final minutes.

Lincoln Quinlan and other locals from the development program in Toowoomba entered the Rukus Riders 12 and under and took it out strongly.

Final Results
138 Skateboards Opens

1st – Carter Quinlivan

2nd – Keegan Williams

3rd – Brent Grainger
Epic Gear 16 and Under

1st – Carter Quinlivan

2nd – Sean Carroll
Rukus riders 12 and Under

1st – lincoln Quinlan

Contest Results Last weekend of July

Lone Wolf Bracken Ridge

Etnies Opens Pro
1st Simon Prakash

Sk8er 16 and Under
1st Corey Nixon

Disco Bearings 12 and Under
1st Louis Newman


Brisbane Shredders league
Extremes team – 1st

Skatebiz team – 2nd

Sk8er team – 3rd


Sydney Shredders League
Red team – 1st

Green team – 2nd

Blue team – 3rd

Gold Coast Shredders League

1st – Skate Connection Team

2nd – Skate2clean Team

3rd – Epic Gear Team

Logan Shredders League

1st – Epic Gear Team

2nd – Rukus Riders Team

3rd – Watersports Team

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Paddington Shredders league…

Simon Prakash dethroned at King of the Skatepark 2016

It was a hot day in Pomona and the skateboarders came out to impress with all divisions of the annual skateboard contest in full throttle with final scores only a point or 2 between them.

Haylie powell took out the Juniors with her arm in a cast and did not disappoint, landing a frontside 360 grab to fakie in the deep end.

Corey Nixon from the 16s had a strong session and came out on top and was close to grabbing a place in the opens but the big boys held him out.

Last years winner Simon Prakash performed strongly but it was the sunshine coasts Jacob Hudson who took the title this year. And rightly so.

Special mention to Kaine Gilgen for pushing beyond his limits down the 2 block.

Final Results

Opens / pro

1st Jacob Hudson

2nd Simon Prakash

3rd Kaine Gilgen

16 and under

1st Corey Nixon

2nd Jake Ford

3rd Sean Schofield

12 and Under

1st Haylie Powell

2nd  Jett Schimmer

3rd Makaha Wykes
Full competitor list

Rukus Team Takes out week 1 at Logan

​Logan Shredders official launch today.

Solid crew came out for it and Rukus riders snuck ahead by 4 points for the win!


1st RUKUS RIDERS riders team

2nd watersportssurfskateski  Team

Tie 2nd @epicgear Team
See you all next week!

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 Josh Findlay takes the 2016 Central Queensland Skateboard Championship

​It is with Great Pleasure we announce the 2016 Central Queensland Street skateboarding Champions!
Congratulations to:

Opens – Josh Findlay

16s – Bradley Wilson

12s – Jet Collins
Full results below

Rukus Riders 12’s

1st – Jet Collins

Epic Gear Under 16’s 

1st – Bradley Wilson

2nd – Tyral Hunter

3rd – Brendan Wilson 

Arrow Wheels Open’s

1st – Josh Findlay 

2nd – Jack Woolcott

3rd – Jamie Clements 

4th – Jason Marsh 

5th – Guy Watkins

6th – Dean Fluerty
Thanks to Gladstone Regional Council, image skateboarding, headspace rockhampton and gladstone, australian skateboarding federation, catalyst sports, epic gear and rukus riders.