First Coat results

Stoked the rain held out to deliver First Coat skateboarding contest today.  Thanks to all the parents who came down early to get the park right after all the rain. 



1st.  Justin Beard

2nd.  Mateus Barroso

3rd. Brent Dobson

1st.  Tane Mason

2nd.  Haylie Powell

3rd.  Jack Lewis (tie) 

3rd. Alistair Sliz (tie) 

Special thanks to





And big thanks to @extreme_skates for all the prizes. 

Appreciate the greatness of everyone as some competitors travelled 5 hours to be there.

Wolves of Street Redcliffe Results


12 and Under
1st –
Jack Lewis
2nd –
Nels Hall
3rd –
Jack Fadelli
4th –
Jacob Culpin
5th –
Will Fadelli
6th –
Ocean Barker
7th –
Charlie Blackmore
8th –
Isaac Hall
9th –
Zach Lualhati
10th –
Jayden Sayers
Special notes Haylie Powell Placed first Overall in 12 and Under and Zahra Johns placed third overall in 12 and Under

1st –
Haylie Powell
2nd –
Zahra Johns


under16s16 and Under
1st –
Mateus Barroso
2nd –
Bailey Usher
3rd –
Kai Roden
4th – 
Caed Anderson
5th –
Cody Adams
6th –
Daniel Culpan
7th –
Zachary Meyers
8th –
Leith Bell
9th –
Billy Scriggins
10th –
Will Andrews
11th –
Mitchell Hall
12th –
Jett Schimming

1st –
Ricky Thomas
2nd –
Caleb Chiron
3rd –
 Josh Weribone
4th – 
Simon Brown
5th – Hamish Taine
6th –
Matt Spark



redcliffe wolves

Boardstore Joins the Revolution

We are pleased to announce as of January 1 2017, Boardstore Skateshop is now a national  sponsor of the revolutions program.

All people attending will get 10% off instore or online using their tickets from events


2016 State Bowlriding Championship Results



1st – Ethan Copeland
2nd – George Richards
3rd – Jesse Noonan (2016 Opens QLD Champion)
4th – Mat Chigwidden
5th – Izak Reeves
6th – Billy Bagner
7th – Zepp Hayes
8th – Sam Renwick
9th – Shai Balmer
10th – Damon Cahill
11th – Brodie Jarrett
12th – Jackson Rich
13th – Alan Miller
14th – Jeriah Chilly
15th – Cody Wilson
16th – Tony Chavez
17th – Matthew Cheney
18th – Indigo Fiedler
19th – John Dickenson
20th – Brody Cross



1st – Taniah Meyers (2016 QLD Champion)
2nd – Charlotte Heath
3rd – Aimee Massie
4th – Haylie Powell
5th – Evie Ryder
6th – Zahra Johns



1st – Zane Hetherington (12 and Under QLD Champion)
2nd – Louis Newman
3rd – Karlin Ohalloran
4th – Josh Godward
5th – Riley Mccomb
6th – Jack Lewis
7th – Zachary Meyers
8th – Ocean Barker


1st – Ethan Copeland
2nd – Sam Windhorst
3rd – Karlin O’halloran
4th – Louis Newman (16 and Under QLD Champion)
5th – Josh Godward
6th – Zepp hayes