Take time out for you!

Finding time to do what you enjoy and to have time to be able to actually do something for yourself and take the time out of busy schedules for time for you!
No matter what it is so very important to make time to do your passions…

‘Africa’ is a young dad who loves his little girl! he talks so kindly of her and even brings her along to shred. It is so amazing to see the new generations following the footsteps into the skate life.
Africa is the kindest skater you will ever meet and he looks after his little family and even his skater families so closely, no matter what he is always checking on the boys & girl skaters, giving out tips and tricks to help them. Its the care and kindness that he shows to everyone around him he gives out is truely just amazing! He has and is going through so much and I hope he reads this and sees just how much he is appreciated.
He takes time out of his week to shred no matter what, the love and passion for skating is so great and I hope his daughter can grow up to have the same morals as her amazing dad and skates just as hard!

Indi is a beautiful mother and skate shredder! She has so much courage and care to give around. Indi makes the best of each and every skate session and practices her heart out. She is a mother with a little boy but she is always out and about skating with a group of girls in which she is very much involved with the ‘Girls Skate Brisbane’ group and others. Indi has always been one to keep groups of skaters updated on all events and shows so much effort in her go pro videos that she plays and screenshots for that ‘perfect’ shot of her and the group of girls skating to show off what they are able to achieve. Being a ‘girl skater’ we do fight for the rights of equality and I believe that as soon as any skater steps foot on a board any sort of gender or criticism should not be considered.

Busy or not, do things for you.
make the time and effort.
You’ll feel better about yourself.


‘Acceptance’ at the park is something that you are wanting to give yourself first..

. If you accept yourself for what stage you are as a skater and believe in yourself to be able to shred the park, then do it! no one is stopping you but yourself. Bite the Bullet. you are your biggest critic!

We are all there at the skatepark to do one thing, to learn, to improve, to achieve, practice, fall a thousand times over and over again until we feel the pain from not landing that one trick and becoming so frustrated. But if you give yourself the time and practice to improving you will feel happiness leaving the park knowing you did your best.

Skaters do what they do because the passion is there, judgment should not become a factor, neither should age or gender. I know personally so many amazing parents, business men and tradies who are skaters.
They take the time out of their busy weeks to do what they want to do and yet still are home at night to tuck their kids in, do paper work, and achieve what they need to do for each day.
There should be no excuse to not have time for you goals and dreams… make time for you, enjoy.

Skating is for everyone and anyone, accomplishing something so small or big is always so special lets be honest, we aren’t the same and we are all going to move faster or slower, do and learn things different ways then others.

You do you, everyone is different. Believe and achieve my friends!