Wolves of Street Inala Results

Wolves of Street – Inala, Round 9 – April 2nd 
Under 12s

1st – Haylie Powell

2nd – Alistair Sliz

3rd – Damon Tran

4th – Cassie Whiteman

5th – Zane Morrison 
Under 16s

1st – Zac Hall 

2nd – Jake Durre

3rd – Alistair Sliz

4th – Liam Hall

5th – Derek Tran

1st – Josh Weribone

2nd – Rick Thomas

3rd – Locky Weston

4th – Zac Hall

5th – Jake Durre

6th – Donny Fraser

7th – Alistair Sliz

8th – Travis Muddle

9th – Alex Blay

10th – Damon Tran

11th – Derek Tran

Wolves of Street esk results


Jaiden Wicks

Delong Lin

Quade Style
16 and under

Patrick Gardner



Darby Martin

BJ Williamson

Aiden James

12 and under

Blake Pearson

Faron Sabine

Jacques Richardson

Aiden Cornel

Izaac Green 

Adam McNally

Ipswich Wolves of Street Results and Video

12 and Under
1st Jack Lewis
2nd Alistair Sliz
3rd Zane Morrison
4th Zane Johns

16 and Under
1st Sean Schofield
2nd Kai Roden
3rd Corey Nixon
4th Jack Lewis

1st Haylie Powell
2nd Evie Ryder
3rd  Zahra johns
4th Indigo Willing
5th Lilly Johns

1st Joey Cormack
2nd Zeik Edwards
3rd Ben Matthews
4th Aaron Franks
5th William Duncan
6th Brady Wingfield


Wolves of Street Redcliffe Results


12 and Under
1st –
Jack Lewis
2nd –
Nels Hall
3rd –
Jack Fadelli
4th –
Jacob Culpin
5th –
Will Fadelli
6th –
Ocean Barker
7th –
Charlie Blackmore
8th –
Isaac Hall
9th –
Zach Lualhati
10th –
Jayden Sayers
Special notes Haylie Powell Placed first Overall in 12 and Under and Zahra Johns placed third overall in 12 and Under

1st –
Haylie Powell
2nd –
Zahra Johns


under16s16 and Under
1st –
Mateus Barroso
2nd –
Bailey Usher
3rd –
Kai Roden
4th – 
Caed Anderson
5th –
Cody Adams
6th –
Daniel Culpan
7th –
Zachary Meyers
8th –
Leith Bell
9th –
Billy Scriggins
10th –
Will Andrews
11th –
Mitchell Hall
12th –
Jett Schimming

1st –
Ricky Thomas
2nd –
Caleb Chiron
3rd –
 Josh Weribone
4th – 
Simon Brown
5th – Hamish Taine
6th –
Matt Spark



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