2019 Contest Rules

As of April 12, we are rolling out a structured set of contest rules to help give a clear indication for competitors at the events, and to improve the overall running of the contests. This will apply to the Road to Rumble events, Skate Titans, and the Etnies Rumble on the Reef.

Registration process.
1. Registrations will be done online prior to the event on the link provided on the flyer.

2. Some events will be free to enter if you register online before the day, but will have a fee is signing up on the day.

3. Registrations will have a public cutoff time on the day, and if you have not checked in to the registration desk by that time, you will not be able to compete.

4.On contests with entry fees, silver members will pay half price and gold members will not pay an entry fee.

Heats and Divisions
1. You must only sign up for the division age relevant to you.

2. You can only enter 1 division on the day of the event.

3. In finals, highest score in heats gets to go last, and lowest scoring qualified starts the final.

4. You can skate up a division but cannot go down lower than your age.

5. No division will have a straight final regardless of numbers

Qualifying up
1. The top winners of each age division progress to the major events.

2. If someone has already qualified for the major events, the next best placing gets the qualification up.

3. If your age changes by the time the major event comes around, you are eligible to skate in your new division.

Contest format
1. In run format, the top run counts as your best score.
2. Each score is an average of all judges scores for that run.
3. Scores are final.
4.Top 6 in each division go through to finals and 8 at major events.
5. Major events run SLS format in Opens/Womens. 2 runs, 8 shots best trick with top 2 scores counting.

1. 1-2 judges at minor events, 2-3 at Skate Titans and a minimum of 3 at major events.
2.A score is made up of an average of the judges scores.
3. If more than 3 judges, the highest and lowest judges scores are dropped.
4.If a judges score if too far apart from the others, the score if dropped.

Interference / Variables
1. If a skater is interfered with in their run, they can redo the run at the end of the heat.

2. If a skaters equipment fails, they have until the end of the heat to repair the equipment and retake the run.

3. If the clock fails to start, the skater has the option to keep the run or do a retake.

1. The clock starts when the first trick is popped.

2. If the last trick is popped before the buzzer, it will still count in the run.

If you are looking for further information such as the code of conduct or photography policy or have other questions, feel free to hit us up on the contact page


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