About us

Who we are
We are a collaborative group of over 17 Different Skateboard Schools, 2 major event promoters and 75 Staff Nationally.

Our goals and Focus
The Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative has a number of goals and focuses across Australia. Our main ones include:

1. Providing opportunities for skateboarders to develop and promote positive values in their community.
2. To create an even playing field nationally, this means running programs everywhere in Australia to give everyone equal opportunity, not just people who live in metropolitan areas.
3. To create pathways for skateboarders to progress, whether it be through contests or career opportunities.
4. To make the opportunities easier for new people who would like to do good things at their local skatepark.
5. To develop strategies and systems in regions that work in connecting with Youth, Catering for the older skateboarders, and connect the region to the nation.
6. To collaborate on park Maintenance to ensure skateboarders and other park users have safe fun skateparks to use.
7. To provide safer delivery of events to your community.
8.  To support the industry, through local retailers and brands being involved in events and connecting with future skateboarders.


Donny Fraser @donnyfraser
Donny was born in Brisbane Australia and started skateboarding at the age of 13.   He worked with Drawing Boards skateboards and ran their community events sector before realizing a great lack of support in regional Australia.
Donny founded the Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative with Dale to focus on creating an impact nationally and has since grown into the largest skateboard event network and provider in Australia.
After the collapse of Skateboarding Australia, Donny connected the 4 Board member of the Australian Skateboarding Federation to create a new body to represent skateboarding.

Dale Cleaton @dalecleaton
Dale Cleaton Is originally from the Sunshine Coast and spent a lot of time in Melbourne and now resides in Amsterdam.  Dale’s Expertise Is in I.T,  Website Development and business development. Dale has been fundamental in providing the tools to assist coaches nationally as well as business structures. Dale Developed the ASF website, Online Courses and national Calendar.