About us

Our role in the Community

ASCI is a fundamental connection between the voice of skatepark users and skateboarders, and Councils, Government and Sponsors. Our goal is to develop skateboarding and skatepark plans alongside both sides of the community and make sure the right planning for each region is developed for the future and today.
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Circular Function
We have a focus on Sustainable skateboarding. Currently we have over 50,000 members of ASCI.  WIth funding we receive, it helps to deliver events, development programs, research, activations and exposure.
Brands supporting events and programs are heavily promoted to our members and encouraged to support them, which in turn generates revenue for the brands who reinvest in the community and help activate spaces and highlight skatepark usage on local government skateparks. This usage increase helps secure funding for new skateparks in the future for regions, and bring more investment into communities. Tis teamwork approach helps us grow skateboarding and skatepark usage as a team.
Our amazing system of information

ASCI use a high level relatable database.  This database tracks individuals by age, gender, postcode, distances travelled,  events attended, skateparks used and other interests. We also track programs and events by sponsor, government body or LGA, skatepark and other information.  This allows us to specifically target people in the community and engage in valuable ways to benefits brands, youth services, councils and other parties. We also track skateparks nationally to develop a database which will be invaluable on a national level for skatepark planning.
Building a pathway
A major goal of ASCI is to develop opportunity for skatepark users and skateboarders to further their careers and be involved in their hobby on a larger scale.  One of the pathways we have is through competing.  This starts by having local skate clinics, then a local contest. The local contests then follow on to major qualifier events, like the Etnies Rumble on the Reef, and contests that lead into the Australian Championships.
Other ways we build pathways are for skateboarders to become coaches, judges, mc’s and Officials.  And mentoring local coaches and Officials to develop their own skateboard school locally or deliver a qualifier for major events.
Our Services
Skatepark Activations / Learn to Skateboard / Youth Connections
We assist councils, schools, brand and youth services to deliver free learn to skateboard workshops at schools and public skateparks. These programs focus on removing the barrier of starting to skateboard and getting people to a level in which they can use the facilities comfortably on their own.
Pathway Competitions
We work with local community to deliver a series of contests across the country that qualify skateboarders of all ages into higher level contests. These often work with youth services, councils and brands and local people on the ground to deliver these events. A lot of these are know as the Skate Titans Contest Series. All competitors get an equal opportunity and get their name and points in the national ranking system. All contests are fully sanctioned by the Australian skateboarding Federation. We also use live scoring so parents can watch and learn to be able to support their children and get an understanding of their hobby.

Major Events
We currently have 3 major events which are the Etnies Rumble on the Reef in Mackay QLD, The Toowoomba Mayoral Contest, and the South Australian Skateboarding Championships. These pillar events often run for days and are great for economic development, Tourism and the community.  Each event Qualifies skateboarders to go into the Australian Championships.   If you would like to see more you can check out one by visiting www.rumbleonthereef.com
Community Consultations
Our community consultation services offer a wide range of consultations including:
Skatepark Maintenance strategies
New and upgraded skatepark community consultation
Usage Snapshots of facilities by users
Using our database we are able to gather information and table it in detailed reports to give you a real understanding of your regions skatepark facilities, user base and needs.
National Skatepark Database / Council Portal
We are building a national Skatepark database to help better deliver a national plan around skateparks and understanding.  The backend which councils have access gives a lot of the finer details about their facilities and can help us snapshot information by usage, travel needs, upgrades and anything related to the facilities. You can see more information by clicking HERE. Existing councils who use ASCI services are already welcome to add their facilities to the database and we encourage them to do so.