About Us

The Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative is a national group of skateboarders and skateboarding organisations dedicated to the development and growth of skateboarding.

We work with Councils, State Tourism Organisations, Private business, Charities and the Australian Skateboarding Federation to bring goals of our skateboarding Community to life.

Some Achievements Include:
Developing Australia’s first Female Skateboarding Strategy.
Helping establish the first Indigenous skateboarding team.
Staff contributing to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Program.
Developing a pathway for skateboarders nationally.

1. To minimise barriers to entry in skateboarding. We aim to do this by developing pathways in regional cities, developing coaches in regional cities, and keeping costs low for skateboarders of all socio economic backgrounds.

2. To develop a high level Am/Pro series across Australia, to provide income for skateboarders developing their careers in our country. This is currently in development at www.therumble.com.au

We work on anything in skateboarding development, so if you have an idea or project, reach out, if we can’t do it we probably know someone who can.
Some of our services are:
Skatepark Opening Days.
Skateboarding Demonstrations.
Skatepark Community Consultation
Learn to Skate Programs
Skatepark Audits
Regional Skateboarding Competitions
Major events
Connecting charities with the community
Connecting business to community

If you are interested in talking to us, contact us on the details below.
1300 918 531
Book an appointment

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