ASCI 2019 recognition awards

With a huge year passed we take this time to recognise people in skateboarding for different reasons on their merits, achievements and performances.

The below list is all of our community achievers for 2019.

National Coach of the Year.
Michael Boxsell.
Michael has won Employee of the month so many times this year we lost count. His work is exceptional and his reasons for doing it are for his love of skateboarding.

National Judge of the Year.
Simon Ingels and Joel Kelly.
From Adelaide and Toowoomba, these 2 judges in their states are consistent at every competition and turn up and get the job done professionally every time. Both have been trusted with judging their state championships and are commended on their performance.

Hardest worker of the Year.
Kale Hennessy.
Who else, if you’ve seen him filming at events, all day, in the sun, also helping with setup, driving groms to comps and spending hours in the edit room, no one is more deserving.

Most progressed Junior.
Nakula Boag.
Nakula has an amazing style, has new tricks every time and is consistently improving and deserves recognition for his progression.

Most progressed Open.
Haylie Powell.
Haylie has gone in a few years from local competition to dew tour, street league and working towards Tokyo 2020.

Honourable community member mention.
Kent Lewis.
Kent is the father of Jack Lewis, and not one event he has attended has gone by without him giving a hand with setup.

Top Skateboard School for the year.
Chiggys Skateboarding.
No one in Australia has managed to have such a great school with maintaining skateboarding culture and fun in a learning environment. No one else also flew into their camp in a helicopter dressed as Santa.

Best Community program.
Michael Harris Walker at Sk8 Therapy.
The Sk8 Therapy NDIS programs and mentoring programs are an amazing initiative from Sk8 Therapy and open the doors to skateboarding being more inclusive.

Best MC for the year
Theo George.
If you’ve been to Rumble, then you know.

Best Regional Ambassador.
Clinten Davison.
10 years of supporting regional skaters and continuing to this day.

Be sure to check them all out online and have a great break into 2020!


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