ASCI now has memberships, but what are they and how do they benefit skateboarders

A few months ago the Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative rolled out one of the first paid membership systems in Australia for Skateboarding.

While some people heavily connected to the initiative have jumped on board, a lot of people are curious as to what it is all about.

We are going to break down the Memberships and what it’s all about.

The membership Pricing is as follows:
1. 12 and Under $40.00
2. 16 and Under $50.00
3. Adult Men and Women – $60.00
This is for a year. And is done by age same as competition divisions.

What does it include:
The basics from the front are:
1. Updates on competitions and events nationally
2. Liveheats profile for competing and signing up

The Premium benefit is:
1. Skateboarding Insurance cover.
Significant Features and Benefits

• Weekly payments if an Insured Person
is Temporarily Totally Disabled through
Bodily Injury;

• A capital sum payment if, for example,
an Insured Person loses hearing, an
eye or a limb.

• Lump sum payments for some
permanent injuries;

• Cover for non Medicare medical
expenses; and

• Cover for loss of income


Scenario Rundown
If you are a skateboarder, you will have this cover for competing but also ‘training’ which is skating your general skateparks and other places.

If you would like to Sign up

If you would like more information email the Initiative on


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