Skateboarding Strategic Goals from 2020

Through working in the community we have identified key areas and a snapshot of the community in skateboarding and Skateparks across australia, to help develop a plan to improve the lives of people in these communities.

The main areas of need identified are:
Mental Wellbeing
Further education
Youth Support

Through our community and events the new Stategic Goals are as follows.

Young People

1. Connecting Services.
Creating awareness of services available to them for support in regions where they do not have access to services. An example of this is working with Kids Helpline, a 24 hour anonymous counselling service.

2. Expanding and Upskilling.
Introducing skatepark communities to fun tools to enhance learning, eg STEM, further education and pathways as they mature.

3. Overall Health
Strong messages in regards to health, finance and looking after yourself to improve the overall wellbeing of skateboarders and skatepark users.

Adult Skateboarders

  1. Continuous Pathway.
    Making sure that at a top level there is a continuous pathway to grow in skateboarding, through competing or in other roles.
  2. Expanding Skillsets of our community.
    For a lot of skateboarders Skateboarding is a primary focus in their lives, we want to provide opportunities for these community members to have access to further learning and develop broader skills to help them for their lives, not just while at our events.
  3. Health and Wellbeing
    Focuses on working with partners in the health sector, finance sector and other areas to be able to assist the lives of our adults in the skateboarding / skatepark community.

Actioned Improvements to Date

The following programs have already been implemented to develop and support skateboarders nationally.

1. Income Protection and Injury Cover.
We have rolled out low cost memberships to support skateboarders and families. Click here to view

2. Kids Helpline Partnership
We are working with kids helpline to raise awareness about their services in remote locations where young people don’t have access to support.

3. Low Income Athlete Subsidy
A fund has been set up to help low income athletes with travel expenses to Major events. Click Here to view

4. Banking Partnership with UPbank
Upbank have an amazing savings program in their app and we believe this will educate and support our members to manage savings goals. Click HERE to try out upbank.


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