Bracken Ridge Crew

Revolutions ā€“ Bracken Ridge, QLD
Bracken Ridge Skate Plaza, Fitzgibbon, QLD
7th October 2017, 9:00 – 10:00am

Thanks to all the participants who came down the at Bracken Ridge skatepark last Saturday.

It was a cloudy but comfortable day in the park. Everyone had a great time skating with their siblings and friends.

Our beginners learnt few riding techniques from ASCI Coach Matt. Some of these are shifting legs into the riding position, learnt the proper way to turn, and learnt different ways to stop.

Participants had heaps of fun especially when they get the techniques figured out with no fear!

Do you also want to ride your board comfortably without falling down? Come and join our next session.

14th October – Revolutions – Bracken Ridge


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