Brands / Corporate

ASCI works with a number of brands / corporations and charities to develop skateboarding nationally.

Years of research and working with partners has helped us develop a model for skateboarding to grow into the future.

Please take the time to read the below values and guidelines around partnering with us, and if it aligns well, get in touch and we can work on a great collaboration.

Values and Guidelines
below is a list of our values and goals,
1. Skateboarding and sport should be open to everyone no matter where they live or socio-economic status.

2. Women / Girls in Skateboarding should be developed and treated equally. See out Girls Strategy HERE

3. We will do what we can as a community to reduce our environmental Impact. (Currently Operated from a solar powered facility, using electric vehicles, and organising beach cleanups at coastal events.

4. We will to the best of our ability, promote Kids Helpline in remote communities with a lack of services, to help reduce the number of youth suicides in Australia.

5. With the current drought, ASCI will use a portion of its competition entry fees to support rural aid, and provide assistance to the regional towns hosting events effected by drought.

6. ASCI believes Australia has the ability to have a major circuit for skateboarding, and will continue to develop Australia and skateboarding to be a dominant force.

7. Skateboarding has a role in the community to support and nurture people from all demographics, and will continue to do so.

8. No Free Rides. For skateboarding to be sustainable, the individuals, governments, and corporate sector need to come together like other sports and activities to grow it, and people looking to help develop something great and stay long term are considered in the highest regard.

If you or your Brand / Organisation believe that some of these values align with yours, please read on.

Our Digital Coverage
Rumble on the Reef – 600 Monthly Visitors
Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative – 23,000 Monthly Visitors

Google Pages
Rumble on the Reef – 1200 Monthly Visitors
Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative – 22,000 Monthly Visitors

Facebook Pages
Rumble on the Reef – 6300 Likes / Followers
Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative – 11,081 Likes / Followers
Australian Skateboarding Federation – 2200 Likes / Followers

Rumble on the Reef – 591 Followers
Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative – 2500 Followers

Video Channel
Our video Channel Partner is OVOplay,
View the Channel HERE
Ovoplay has a global audience and introduces new people to skateboarding every day.

Key Social Media Points
Only 25% of our exposure comes through our channels, Skateboarders, partners, parents and others sharing and producing content makes up 75% of our total.

Current Members
Active members in the programs – 55,000

EDM Mailing List
Members – 29,000
Frequency – Fortnightly
Open Rate – 26%

Event Data
Below is an outline of our events.

Learn to Skate Programs
600 Per year
Average attendance of 19
Parents and Siblings Attend
11,400 participants per year

Junior Social Leagues
New Concept Launched in October 2019
Expected 20 per competition
30 Competitions per year
Expected 600 new kids from the coaching competitions starting to compete. A Pathway from beginner lessons to competing.

12 and Under Skateboarding Competitions
30-40 per year
Approx 20 per competition
Over 400 registered Athletes competing now
Parents and Siblings attend

16 and Under Skateboarding Competitions
30-40 per year
Approx 15 per competition
Over 300 registered Athletes competing now
Parents and Siblings attend.

Elite / Opens Skateboarding Competitions
30-40 per year
Approx 20 per competition
Over 400 Athletes competing now
Best Skateboarders competing in Australia
Partners, Spectators and peers attend

Tier 2 Tourism Events
5 Maximum per year
Different states
Multi day events
Multiple Activations
All Ages

Rumble on the Reef
2 week long Festival
4 Action sports, Skateboarding, Wakeboarding, Hydrofoil & BMX
Multiple Activations
Best athletes in each sport
International Pros
Pinnacle event for Australia
5000 + visitors

Current Pathway System
Below is the current pathway system for skateboarding we work with nationally.

Our Future Goals
We have a future plan for skateboarding and below are some of our agenda and goals towards the future.

  1. Provide a structure that works and continues to expand nationally
  2. Grow events through corporate partners to increase quality of events
  3. Create yearly schedule for families and competitors to have structure to the sport.
  4. Develop multiple revenue streams to support the sport and make it sustainable in the future.
  5. Prioritise and work with existing regions we work with to make sure they are services and have opportunity.
  6. Create a pinnacle League like other sports with Livestream and professional skateboarders.
  7. Work on a plan for a structure around facilities being local, regional and state level.
  8. Make sure we continue to equalise opportunity for disadvantaged people
  9. Provide youth support in remote communities through Kids Helpline.
  10. Provide environment support through regular beach Cleanups.
  11. Continue to fundraise for Rural Aid during seasons of drought.

    Where to from here
    If the values and information is beneficial for your and your organisation, we cater for all needs and ideas, the main pillars we are focusing on now is:
    1. National year to year Sponsors
    2. Major event Sponsors
    3. Categorized sponsors

    If you are interested in working with us Contact us HERE