Chameleon Skateboards 2017 Mayoral 12 and Under Results

A solid performance from Australia’s future in skateboarding ranging from Noosa to Adelaide a broad range of juniors came in force to take the titles this year.

New Face Jack Sadler from South Australia stepped up to take third place amongst a group of skaters experienced at the park. For his first major contest he held himself high and showed a bright future for South Australians in skateboarding. His brother Harry also qualified to finals.

Haylie Powell showed the gender Gap is gone as she placed a cool second and held her own against the boys.

Zane Hetherington took out first after coming back from Surgery after a Nasty armbreak at Ormeau.

Final results 12 and under

1st Zane Hetherington

2nd Haylie Powell

3rd Jack Sadler

4th Jack Lewis

5th Kaedyn Collins

6th Tane Mason

7th Alistair Sliz

8th Molly Ferguson

9th Bodhi Brooke’s

10th Harry Sadler

11th Tully Bourke

12th Jesse Mcgilvray

13th Baxter Bourke

14th Johnny Madonis


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