Changes to Competition Divisions – a huge leap forward for children in skateboarding

With the recent National Survey, feedback from industry, and data reviews on participation numbers in Australia, we are pleased to announce major changes to competition divisions in our events nationally.

As of today, new divisions will include:
6 and Under Mixed
8 and Under Mixed
10 and Under Mixed

This is on top of the existing divisions of 12 and Under, 16 and Under and Opens.
1. This allows kids from coaching programs to have a a direct pathway to competition without waiting until they are at a higher level.
2. Evens up competition in age brackets to improve the experience for young competitors.

How will it look?
Prizes will be available in the 12 and Under, 16 and Under and Opens Divisions as normal. The new Divisions will enable young people to compete in a smaller group and see more results over time. If a skateboarder starts to progress really well, they can go into 12 and under to compete and win prizes.

We will be trialling a couple of different formats over the coming competitions to see which format works best. The 2 to be trialled will be Jam format and runs.

Expected Outcomes
Increased level of participation in skateboarding at a junior level.
Retention of young skateboarders from coaching programs.
Better competition odds for skateboarders to build confidence.
Increased female participation at a junior level.

ASCI currently coach between 65,000 – 90,000 skateboarders every year. Having this junior program will allow more of these young people to continue skateboarding after the national learn to skate programs.


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