Contest Updates Survey

The structures of contests recently is in need of Changes.   With the increase in participants growing by 50% , we want to keep promoting participation and allow for larger numbers.

The Major issues are as follows.

  1. Due to increased numbers, schedules are constantly being changed, and regular contest timeframes are not working with increased numbers.
  2. Event budgets are going over with extended event times, staff and permit costs.
  3. Participants are having finals cut short.
  4. Participants are having to leave early due to time constraints.
  5. Delays in starting due to people signing up on the day.

To continue to improve we are asking all paid members to complete the Form below so we can assess what the best way forward is to make sure everyone has a fair go and we continue to expand.

To Complete the form CLICK HERE.  In your email will be a password to complete the form.


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