Our contests are all sanctioned by the Australian Skateboarding Federation, Have equal prize money for males and females at all events, and always lead to a higher pathway.

Age Brackets
We run the national age brackets of
12 and Under
16 and Under
Opens / Pro

Below is a breakdown of the pathway system and what contests go where. Take note some contests and placings go to more than one major event.









For your best shot at Prize money, nationals or moving forward, we recommend attending the Etnies Mayoral, S.A State titles and Rumble on the Reef.

Live Scoring
All scoring is live and results are published instantly. For parents an spectators you can view scores and see if even when your not at the event, and for competitors you can check your scores immediately after a run and even see what you need to win.
for competitors you sign in on the logo below to register for contests.

Click the logo above if you are competing or looking for live scores.






The Big DOGS
Here are the links to the big events this year:
The Etnies Toowoomba Mayoral
Rumble on the Reef

For all other contests, click on the image below