Digital Skateboarding is on its way

During the current pandemic, we have trialled a number of different services online to see how it caters for our community to help continue coaching and competition via online or other alternatives.

The major issues we have faced is live video. Due to the strain on the NBN and framerate of online video its been difficult to run quality coaching programs online in this fashion.

We are really please to announce, that in 2 weeks time, we will have:
1. A fully functioning Mobile app for Coaching
2. A fully functional Online Competition program

Both of these have been created without haste, and to cater for the current requirements on a high level. Both are made from experts in their field and we are really excited about launching these new services in the next fortnight.

This means some existing coaching programs will now move online, and some of the competition circuit will now be having competitions online.

This will be of huge benefit to the skaters, communities and partners all involved.

Competitions will most likely be done via region such as ‘ The Brisbane Skateboarding web championships’.

Some Key features include

Key features will include: 

  • We set the comp rules and allow entrants to upload a video clip from their phone or computer
  • submitted clips appear in a beautiful feed for spectators, fans, and athletes to view, play & share
  • judges can view each clip and enter scores from any device at home
  • automated leaderboard that ranks each clip by average score
  • a dedicated page for each event so you can promote your comp and link from your website/socials

We look forward to bringing all this live to you all.