Drought event Strategy 2019/2020

Since 2004, regional towns and cities in Australia have been supporting skateboarding activities and events. This regional development has been highly successful, and because of this we have a really inclusive contest program, talent spread from more than just the metropolitan regions, and have been able to provide an economic benefit to these communities.

Regional Programming has been able to develop skateboarding participation numbers strongly, as competing for members is less competitive than in the metropolitan areas. 

Some of the Major events include Mackay, Toowoomba, Gatton, Alice Springs, Orange, Kendenup, Seaford and many other regions.

Skateboarding now has a strong presence thanks to the support of regional councils in Australia.

We are personally guilty of our lack of awareness of what’s been happening  in regional Australia with the drought, bushfires and because of the economic downturn in these communities.

The Major issues these towns are facing are droughts and bushfires.  These factors have ongoing side effects to the regions, these are poverty, Bankruptcy, mental health, suicide and many other factors.

In most Scenarios, the regional councils have been the major funding partners behind the skateboarding events in these towns.  

Currently in some places, the regional council has to decide between running the event, or purchasing water or other essentials for their region.

With funding reductions we do not want to turn our backs on these cities who have supported skateboarding for so long.

Given these towns have supported skateboarding for the last 15 years, we don’t feel right turning our backs on them when they need us the most, nor should we punish people in their region if the council is struggling financially to supply much needed aid to their community.

Our strategy for the next season leading into Rumble on the Reef 2020, is to roll out 20 events or contests, into regional towns in need, and provide a feel good experience for the locals and an economic benefit to the region. The idea to provide an event with sponsorship instead of solely relying on council funding.  

We would aim to increase the prize money to attract more visitors and run development programs for local children to keep them actively using the skateparks.

Below is some valuable Documentation relating to the project,
one on a study on resilient drought Communities through the CSIRO, and the other is a information pack on the strategy.

If you know of anyone would would like to support this initiative please let us know.


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