Etnies Street Series 2019/2020 Season Details, Rules & more

The Etnies Street Series officially Launches on the 19th of October in Port Adelaide. With the new season round the corner, here is almost everything you need to know about the new national Contest series.

Pathway to Rumble
Rumble on the Reef is now officially an open contest, it will have a full open day of qualifying and winners of an Etnies street series go through to day 2. This means if you don’t place at an Etnies Street series its still worth going and Open.

New Formats
We are going to be running more formats, from Jams, to Best trick comps, as well as standard runs, this is to keep it exciting and so not every competition is the same.

New Division Rules
As part of our Girls / Womens 3 year strategy there are some small modifications. Below is an outline.

12 and under –
Mixed Division
Separate heats for females
Placings are now 1st male, 1st female, then 2nd and 3rd.

16 and under –
Mixed Division
Separate heats for females
Placings are now 1st male, 1st female, then 2nd and 3rd.

Opens (17+) –
Open Mens and Womens will now be for people aged 17+ years.
This is to further develop juniors in mens and womens and make the opens division a high level pinnacle event.
High level juniors can apply to compete in Opens and will be approved by an independent committee of Clinten Davison, Theo George & Michael Harris Walker. You can apply by emailing

Opens will be mixed with placings in 1st male, 1st female, then 2nd and 3rd. If a competition has a higher number of female competitors at Opens level the prize money will be split.

Keeping it a competition
A new rule to drive development will be in place going forward, This is to ensure that we always have competition and people continue to develop and be pushed to their limits.
this rule is based around competitor numbers, for example if there is only 3 people in the 16 and under, prizes will not go to 3rd place only to second, to make sure people have to compete to earn a podium finish.
To sum this rule up, There is no guaranteed placings at competitions.

Accidental Injury Cover
Annual Memberships for competitors now come with Accidental Injury Cover, and income protection for those in the working field. You can sign up here

Competition Registration
At some point during the year registrations will begin to close 24 hours before the event. This is to keep things under better control and make sure events run smoothly. in the meantime, you can find all registration links at

Streaming Partner / Video Partner
All videos and streaming will be done through a new broadcasting deal with OVO mobile. You can see all videos at

Prize Money
Prize money will be made up of the entry fees for the overall competition. Prize money is for opens Only.
exceptions will be milestone events which have a designated prize pool. and Major events such as Rumble on the Reef. Some Contests will not have entry fee and there will normally be an allocation for this.


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