Barossa Skateboarding Web Championships

24/04/2020 - 25/05/2020 - All Day
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The Australian Regional Web Championships is a national web-based competition where:

1. Competitors upload their 5 best flatground tricks at home.

2. Anyone can view everyone’s entries via a feed on the website.

3. Competitors Qualify for a national competition by winning their regional competition.


1. Competitors must live in the region hosting their regional titles.

2. Your best 5 flatground tricks will need to be uploaded by the close date.

3. There is 1 winner per age division.

4. Tricks are scored on difficulty and style (how hard they are and how clean landed).

5. Points for creativity, use spaces around the house, and do something fun and different. 

6. Do not skate on the road, use spaces that are safe, in your home as much as possible, or if you cant a place away from moving vehicles.

7. Follow Social distancing and recreational guidelines.

Clips will be judged by Professional skateboarders: Tommy Fynn, Aimee Massie and Beau Hinge.

Junior Division winners will receive vouchers from Skate Connection and other supporting stores. Opens winners will win a cash component.

Top Winner in Each Age Division Goes in a National pool.

Entries for Submission Close May 25.


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