First findings from National Survey Data

From the annual skateboarding survey some data has been assessed and is in relation to types of events and Feedback.

So far nationally the need for small grassroots contests seems to be a low priority.  

Skateboarders nationally are looking to see more

1. Mid level qualifier contests.

2. State or National Titles.

We put this down to the high level of people who responded about being willing to travel interstate or long distance to contests.
The factors on high priority for improvement we’re

1. More aspects to contests, eg live bands, parties, food trucks and entertainment.

2. The separation of the old school skate, scoot and bmx comps.  As these are all activities that use skateparks, skaters felt they are being lumped into one umbrella, and feel that each sport should run it’s own independant programs.

Some regions are already leading the way, such as Somerset Regional Council, which has now moved its annual skate scoot bmx comp into 3 separate contests on different days, and also using specialists in each sport for great results.

We can take note that over 50 council regions nationally are following this trend and giving skateboarders the respect to have standalone events. 

Skateboarders and all park users are being heard and ASCI will be programming toward making sure these requests on a national basis are improved on and delivered where possible.


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