Future Skateboarding Inclusiveness Strategy

Skateboarding spans across so many cultures, from sporting and competing, to skating empty pools, cruising around and shredding the streets.

While a lot of it is casual recreation, we are dedicated to making sure, when it comes to opportunities for skateboarders, that those opportunities are equal for all. This is for competitors, coaches, judges, officials and organisers.

The Inclusiveness strategy which will be developed over the next 3 months, will have a focus on:
1. Coaches and their pathways for careers
2. Judges, their levels and qualifications and opportunities
3. Officials and event organisers, and making sure community can be involved
4. Competitors and the ranking systems and pathways

The main ethos of the strategy will be about having a system going into the future thats fair, inclusive and rewards and progresses people in all positions through hard work and recognition.  No matter what your background,you should be given the same opportunity to progress in skateboarding as anyone.

We believe this strategy will increase participation, improve opportunities for people involved, increase the skillsets of people involved and in turn give skateboarding an edge over other sports and recreational activities.

The draft ideas, which do not currently have a locked in system are going to be tabled and consulted with stakeholders and any member of the public wanting to be involved. Here is an example of stage 1.

Coaching – Coaches can increase levels and their rate of pay and opportunity by experience, performance of their students and rankings of their students.

Judging – Judges would get higher rates at larger events. Judges would have levels. These levels can be obtained through experience, courses and performance.

Event Organisers – The focus on this will be to make sure, pre and post Olympics, skateboarders and people in their own communities have the opportunity to deliver their own events, without a monopoly and being able to work as a team on a consistent circuit to deliver something great for skateboarders everywhere.

Skateboarders and Competitors – how rankings and pathways will look in the future. This system will be reviewed and most likely rather than people qualifying for events, the top people from rankings will have automatic invites. This promoted hard work and consistent performance.

While this is a snapshot of what it may look like, the many cogs in the wheel and the final system that we will operate into the future will be decided by people who want to be directly involved.

If you feel your input would be valuable, and you would like to contribute to the strategy, you can join our private facebook group below