Girls skateboarding is an education for other sports

With the first ever Womens Queensland street skateboarding Champion crowned in September, Haylie Powell, at the age of 12, girls skateboarding is leading the way to a solid future for those coming through.

The mentality and focus towards girls skateboarding has changed and the public perception by key players is moulding skateboarding.

Skateboarding has put a focus on ‘celebrating girls skateboarding’. This key note means having girls on content, equal prize money and development is the same on both sides from coaching and support.

This removes the past issue in sports of protesting prize money, saying there’s not enough girls, saying how much harder it is for a girl. This mentality and public attack on sports themselves is a huge issue in what chases girls and women away from entering those sports.

Showcasing the best and promoting it evenly and celebrating it is seeing regular increases in female participation in skateboarding. This is in beginners, transport, recreation and competition.

This is a situation where while these behaviours are still existant in other sports skateboarding is happy to have all those girls and women come in and join our community.


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