Girls / Womens Skateboarding Strategy 2019/2022

ASCI worked with over 79 different female coaches, participants, parents and stakeholders to develop a strategy around Girls & Women in Skateboarding.

The Current Issues
1. Lower participation numbers than males
2. Gaps Between beginner level and competitive level
3. Lack of Investment in Womens Skateboarding
4. Elite Level Skill level contains major gaps

Goals of the Strategy
1. Increase participation levels to 50% by 2022
2. Increase level of skill to match competitive levels
3. Equal Prize money at all events by 2022.

STAGE 1 – Adjustments planning for the future
The first stages of the strategy have a simple focus and will aim to develop Girls / Womens skateboarding alongside the Mens until participation numbers increase.
Stage 1 includes the following:
1. Women and Girls to form more than 80% of the promotional materials on skateboarding activities
2. Separate events for women, less competitive to fill a gap between serious competition and beginner lessons.
3. A hybrid contest format. 12 & Under and 16 and under Divisions will remain mixed, however run girls in the same heat. Prizes will change to the 1st Male, 1st Female, then 2nd and 3rd. This will also run in Open Womens should no less than 6 high / mid level girls be competing.
4. Prize Money allocation. This will not be done by contest participant numbers, as female participation is too low in competitive skateboarding. This will be done by overall participation numbers, including recreational and beginner. This promotes everyone to have more girls participating in skateboarding, not just at contests, and aligns with the overall goal of numbers and moving towards equal constant prize Money.
5. Looking at additional funding at events to support more Womens skateboarding and have people align to the Strategy.

STAGE 2 – Rollout of Women / Girl Specifics
This has a focus on moving from mixed divisions into girls standalone age groups.
1. Moving mixed divisions into male and female. This will happen once a consistent number of females is competing and competing at a comfortable level.
2. Reviewing social leagues, and not competitive events and its effect on Female Participation numbers.
3. Moving into a proper members system like other sports. When these numbers are at a level we will look to have paid memberships and split into male and female with separate budgets to cater for needs.
4. Reviewing Prize money allocations and if further budgets need to be considered.

STAGE 3 – Final Address
1. Expected Overall participation to be at or close to 50%.
2. Numbers and skill level helping to get more funding into womens sport.
3. Prize Money Equal in Mens and Womens
4. Review of allocation and adjustments.

We believe this programming will have an increase in female participation and people will get behind it. Its a big step in closing the gap and while beginners numbers of participants are high in females we believe time will help overcome the gaps faced at a competitive level

*Currently we are awaiting a report on females / males participation rates across grassroots, competition and social, in which we will be reviewing to work out how best to allocate prize money and funding towards development. An additional buffer will be allocated to the women (we anticipate 10%) however this will be much clearer after the report.


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