Girls / Womens Skateboarding Strategy

Currently in grassroots learn to skate programs Girls and Womens participation is at 31%.

This is new Girls & Women trying skateboarding and seeing it as a viable option for active recreation and socialising.

At a competitive level, female contest members make up 9% of total participation.

This is with the current system of equal prizemoney at all contests.

The 3 factors of learnings we have from data shows

1. Equal prize money did not have a major impact on participation numbers.

2. Females who regularly won competitions and then went on to lose later become disinterested and stopped competing.

3. Females were reluctant to go into a mixed division.

The current female landscape is made up of

1. High level competitors

2. Young developing competitors

3. New beginners not competing

The 2 fundamental focuses of planning a strategy will be

1. Increasing the level and support of young developing competitors and

2. Bridging the gap from beginner to competitor.

The importance of this is to make sure participation levels and competitive levels are high to sustain equal prize money, provide a pathway, and increase the level of talent in our female skateboarders.

This will ensure that top female skaters are competing at major events and being role models and supported financially, new females are being supported and events have a more equal representation of both male and female.

We are looking for females and people in the skateboarding community to be able to assist us in developing a plan from 2019-2022 to support and develop female skateboarding.

If you are interested in contributing please join the facebook group below