ASCI works with all levels of government from Local to State and Federal.

ASCI have over 100 staff, in different fields and provide a number of services to these sectors in relation to skateparks and skateboarding.

ASCI is also a knowledgebase of the industry and can help you find information, data and suppliers for particular projects and ideas.

Below is a list of some of the services provided.

Skatepark Activations

Learn to Skate Programs
ASCI can deliver beginner, intermediate, advanced or specialty coaching services across all skateparks in Australia. Lessons are catered to each particular project depending on community need.

Skatepark Opening days
We have opened over 80 skateparks in our time and can cater for all different budgets and requirements.

Regional Competitions
ASCI deliver regional competitions that lead into a national final as a pathway for skateboarders from all regions.

Tourism Events
We deliver a number of tourism events to bring an economic return to a region or community.
Check out Rumble on the Reef below by clicking the flyer.

Consulting Services

Data Research
We have over 55,000 skatepark users in our database, and can run surveys in your community to get valuable information around skateboarders and general skatepark usage and future planning.

Skatepark Design Consultation
We do not design skateparks, but we have a powerful knowledge of skateparks in Australia. When a park is being built we can help give an understanding of what parks are closeby similar, whats needed in the region, age demographics and other information.

Specialist Projects
Got a funky or weird project, we can help with that.

Maintenance planning and Park Audits
We can audit skateparks and make recommendations on a strategy around your region and upgrades.

Skateboarding Strategies
We can develop a skateboarding strategy for your region heading into the future with pathways, employment and engagement.

Current Pathway System
Below is the current pathway system for skateboarding we work with nationally.

Our Future Goals
We have a future plan for skateboarding and below are some of our agenda and goals towards the future.

  1. Provide a structure that works and continues to expand nationally
  2. Grow events through corporate partners to increase quality of events
  3. Create yearly schedule for families and competitors to have structure to the sport.
  4. Develop multiple revenue streams to support the sport and make it sustainable in the future.
  5. Prioritise and work with existing regions we work with to make sure they are services and have opportunity.
  6. Create a pinnacle League like other sports with Livestream and professional skateboarders.
  7. Work on a plan for a structure around facilities being local, regional and state level.
  8. Make sure we continue to equalise opportunity for disadvantaged people
  9. Provide youth support in remote communities through Kids Helpline.
  10. Provide environment support through regular beach Cleanups.
  11. Continue to fundraise for Rural Aid during seasons of drought.

    Other Documents
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    Womens Strategy 2019-2023
    Inclusiveness Strategy

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