Internationals confirmed for Rumble on the Reef

We are pleased to announce the following  Etnies international riders are coming to Mackay for Rumble on the Reef.
Trevor Mcclung

From the shores of Huntington Beach, Trevor McClung may bring the laid-back beach vibes in person, but he definitely skates otherwise. Getting on Plan B in 2012, his debut part in the companies hit video “TRUE,” was an amazing mix of technical power.








Matt Berger

If skateboarding has ever had a Cinderella story, this is it. An unknown kid from Kamloops, deep in the depths of British Colombia made his way into the finals of Street League, quickly writing him into skateboarding’s history books. Known for his smooth style and insane technical ability, Matt splits his time between the sunny streets of LA and the rainy roads of Vancouver.







This is part of a much larger program with Etnies, aiming to bring their international presence into Australia more often and have the best guys and girls in skateboarding here.

There will be many opportunities to see these guys, with signings and demos to happen at the new million dollar venue in Mackay ‘the Sugar Bowl’.

Make sure you book your tickets for Rumble on the Reef HERE

Sole Technology (Etnies Parent company) will also have other riders from Australia Present, Including
Jesse Brodbeck
Josh O’Loughlin
Haylie Powell
Matthew (Dexter) Brassington

and more to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Watch the facebook page and website for schedule updates.

If your looking to Qualify for Rumble on the Reef, Head to your closest Skate Titans Contest, or talk to your local event organiser about having your contest included.




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