Learning to Skateboard at Paddington Skatepark

Are you thinking and interested in Skateboarding?

Well, skateboarding is a deep kind of fun that gets down into your gut! It’s because you feel the burn and the wind as you fly down the sidewalk, the click clack sound, plus learning and landing new tricks and many more!

Then why not try our skateboarding lessons in Paddington Skatepark.

It is a great park for beginners and intermediates. The skatepark has a variety of skilled ramps to enjoy.

The skatepark was recenty upgraded by Brisbane City Council with new skate features.

If you would like to find out more about the Paddington Skate Park upgrade project, visit their website at Paddington Skate Park upgrade – stage 2

Give it a shot and book your spot!

23rd August – Revolutions – Paddington

30th August – Revolutions – Paddington

6th September – Revolutions – Paddington

13th September – Revolutions – Paddington

18th September – Revolutions – Paddington

25th September – Revolutions – Paddington

4th October – Revolutions – Paddington

11th October – Revolutions – Paddington

18th October – Revolutions – Paddington



Skateboarding events

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