National Skateboard Coaching Restructure

The Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative has undergone training and research through surveying, and also by branching out to 3 other sports to explore their grassroot development.

Skateboard coaching is still a relatively new concept, and the progression of it has been a very ‘learn as you go’ scenario. The training and research is aimed to utilise existing sports and providers knowledge to put in a structure to help further grow the participation of skateboarders.

Key Learnings from Training and other sports.
1. Length of Lessons – Hour long lessons are the optimal time for young people.
2. Structured lessons – Allowing the coach to use their individual skills in training but providing a structure from check in to warm up to the actual training.
3. Personal Connections – Other sports spend time at the beginning of each lessons developing personal relationships with their students.
4. Ongoing training – Other sports are providing ongoing training to further develop their coaches.

With these key learnings, we are rolling out a new programming for lessons and workshops. The new structure starting this week will be:

1. Changing Lessons from a 2 hour worshop into 2 x 1 hour sessions with smaller groups. This will allow more participants to fit the lesson in their schedules and choose the time that suits.

2. Lesson Structure – Lessons will be structured as follows:
i) Registrations and check in at the beginning
ii) Sit down, meet everyone, introductions, welcome
iii) Training time – coaching
iv) End of lesson sit down and wrap up.

3. Building connections – Adding in the introduction and wrap up chat sessions will help improve relationships between coaches and students.

4. National Coaching Development Support.
An ongoing coaches training program will be rolled out starting this week. This will be every wednesday from 3pm to 5pm. The ASCI office will be open for hands on training every second week and the other weeks will cater for people via video link nationally.

A lesson structure support video will be completed in the next 2 weeks as a permanent reference for coaches to be able to look back at for helpful information.

An online learning module will be created to keep coaches up to date on laws, privacy, tips and further development.

These changes will progress skateboarding forward and help close the gap in delivering high quality development programs nationally.