National Skateboard Rankings. Everything you need to know

Ever wondered how the rankings in Skateboarding in Australia work?

Here is everything you need to know.

The ASF rankings are a culmination of the results of the competitions held by ASF affiliates around Australia, and International Skateboarding Federation events overseas.

Any contest organizer in Australia is able to get an ASF Sanction, and their events results ranked. Last year the cost of sanction of a one star event was $1 per each expected participant.
Each sanctioned event is given a star rating based on the judgment of a number of criteria such as amount of prize money, weather the event has a contest pathway, is a final of a series, or weather the event is televised or has a webcast.
6 Star Event: Best in the World Expected, Generally $100k or more prize money, Webcast/ Telecast.
5 Star Event: International Field Expected, Generally $50k or more prize money, Webcast/ Telecast.
4 Star Event: Best in the Country expected to compete. Generally $20k or more Prize money, Webcast/ Telecast.
3 Star Event: Best in the State expected to compete, Generally $5,000 or more prize money.
2 Star Event: Best Skaters in the region expected to compete, $100 or more Prize money.
1 Star: No Expectation of Field. Up to $100 prizemoney.
The weighting of each events amount of point’s earnt by each skater is in relation to the events Star rating.
A One Star contest earns 3 Points for First, 2 Points for Second, and 1 Point for Third. A Two Star Contest earns triple the amount of points than a One Star; A Three Star Event earns triple the amount of points to a two star. A Four Star Event earns 3.5 the amount of points than a Three Star. A Five Star event earns 3 Times the Amount as a Four Star. A Six Star Event earns twice as much as a Five Star.
Each contest result is valid in the rankings for one year. The rankings do not restart at the start of each year.

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