National Survey Results

This survey was completed nationally to the public to help us better understand needs of the skateboarding community and plan events into the future. The data below is what we have been able to get from the national results


Spectator / Competitor Participants
Competitors 59.4%
Spectators 40.6%

Age Range
8 years old to 64 years old
Dominant Age Bracket is 15-30 years

Skateboarding Disciplines
Street Skateboarding 61.8%
Bowl Skateboarding 33.3%
Downhill Skateboarding 3.9%
Vert 0.5%
Longboarding 0.5%

 Skateboarding Event detail

Type of Events Requested
Mid Level Qualifier Contests 40.1%
National or State Titles 21.3%
Coaching workshops 13%
Small Grassroots Contests 12.1%
Videography and training workshops 9.2%

Most Popular destinations for events people would travel to (in order by popularity)
Cities with a high count of requests.
1. Brisbane
2. Melbourne
3. Great Barrier Reed regions
4. Byron bay Regions
6. Whitsundays
8. Perth

Cities on the response but with low numbers of requests
1. Wollongong
2. Bateau Bay
3. Sydney
4. New Zealand
5. Sunshine Coast
6. Gold Coast


Top 5 Reasons Competitors will travel to contests (in order of popularity)
1. Skating with my friends
Prize Money / Prizes
National Rankings
4. Olympics
5. The drive to win

Top 5 reasons Spectators will Travel to contests (in order of popularity)
1. Watching my friends or family compete
2. Entertainment
3. Destination
4. Support the skating community
5. Seeing other skaters compete

Answer to Question ‘would you travel interstate for contests?’
Yes 65.2%
No 34.8%

Answer to ‘Would you pay to enter a contest?’
Yes 68%
No 32%

Answer to ‘ Would you pay to watch a contest?’
Yes 59.9%
No 40.1%

Top 6 Skateparks requested to hold Events

  1. Bracken Ridge
  2. Cairns Esplanade
  3. Paddington
  4. Osbourne Skatepark SA
  5. Pizzey Park
  6. Bateau Bay


Top answers to ‘what other elements do skateboard events need?’

  1. Music, food and a more broader event
  2. Standalone events without scooters or Bmx.
  3. More education for parents on how contests work
  4. More contests
  5. Live Streaming

Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative

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