New Members Calendar Launch

It can often be difficult when your skating contests to be able to plan ahead all the comps you want to go to.

Part of this is due to the nature of the funding of events.

Having random events pop up during the year can be awesome but can also really punch a hole in a skaters budget.

Due to this issue we are now creating a calendar for our members which provides vital information and early information for them the plan ahead and get ahead.

The calendar will provide:

  1. A list of all upcoming confirmed events.
  2. A list of pending events or events that could be approved and released soon.
  3. Event information prior to public release.
  4. A breakdown of all prize money at the contests.
  5. A list of accommodation partners prior to public launch.
  6. A rating on size of event to determine which events are high priority.

The calendar will Launch april 6 for all members in Gold, Silver or basic memberships .


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