New regional contest program launches – Road to Rumble

As part of a 24 month plan to make skateboarding more inclusive nationally, the Australian skateboarding community initiative have launched a new grassroots contest program known as the Road to Rumble.

The program runs a simple and more cost-effective contest in regional parts of Australia and include the top winners from each division to get through to the Rumble on the reef.

These contests will open the doors to more people living in regional parts of Australia to be able to get to major events and compete and close the gap in relation to opportunities in these regions.

To make it possible, we have two models which can function to make this successful. the first model is ASCI sending a very small operation to come out and deliver a contest for locals in the region only.

The second model is to provide training for local people to deliver a contest in their region which qualifies people for the Rumble on the reef .

If you are interested in having a Road to Rumble in your region, Email us on


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