New Support program for Skateboarders competing and families

After the last season its been really clear we have an abundance of parents and skateboarders willing to assist at competitions and events.

These hands make a huge difference in making the events run smoothly, and we want to work on rewarding and supporting the parents and skateboarders who do the little things that make the big difference to everyones weekend.

With this we are going to start a Volunteer program, The roles of assistance needed will be:
1. Helping with Registrations
2. Helping with Setup and Packdown
3. First Aid
4. Weather support, eg leaf blowers and drying the park
5. Rubbish and waste pickup at the end of the events
6. Transporting infrastructure.

These volunteers will be supported by:
1. No entry fees at the competition for them, or all of their children.
2. The skateboarder or child of the volunteer will be given accidental injury cover for the whole season.

If you would like to be a volunteer, and these fees being eased could help you or your child, download telegram, and use the link below to join our group.


Skateboarding events

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