Rumble on the Reef 2020, ASF nationals Qualifying updates

This year a number of competitions and qualifiers for the 2020 ASF championships at Rumble on the Reef have been cancelled due to Covid 19.

This has had a dramatic effect on people in those regions being able to qualify for the national final in Mackay.

We have had discussions around best practice and the best way forward to minimise these impacts and the overall event in general. The following information is the updated Qualifying process.

  1. People already qualified
    If people have already qualified at a previous event they will not have points taken or their spot at the competition. These standings still remain in place.
  2. Upcoming Qualifiers
    Any upcoming qualifiers to still go ahead will be announced once restrictions are eased. These may, if they are in close proximity to a cancelled event, take in more people from results to qualify for the championships.
  3. At the event.
    There is now, a whole day completely open for people to compete at Rumble on the Reef. This means anyone can go on the initial competition and compete to get into day 2, with pre qualified people. We will also be taking extra people from the Open day through to day 2.

To sum it up, anyone can go and enter at Rumble on the Reef, and people with existing qualified points will be able to go into their qualified spot.


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