Welcome to the Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative services page.

As the largest provider of skateboarding services in Australia,  we aim to lead by example in providing events and services of the highest quality catering for the local community.

Our Goals are to:

  1. Develop skateboarding and safe skatepark use nationally
  2. Provide Pathways for talent from regional Australia
  3. Create Job Opportunities across regions in Australia
  4. Develop Local sustainable skatepark activities
  5. Provide Equality for people of all backgrounds at skateparks
  6. Develop and nurture future skateboarding talent in Australia
  7. Support industry through sponsorship and events

Your Engine Room
The Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative manages all of the skatepark aspects of events. With the Council, Brand or shop being the forefront of the event. All of our staff are Accredited by the Australian Skateboarding Federation, and manage registrations, setup, judging, risk assessment and coordination at events.

Read below on the Range of services we provide, if you can’t find what your looking for, feel free to give us a call on 1300 918 531

1. Demonstrations and fun days

The Demolition Squad is a local event in your region with top skateboarders from a brand, contests or team coming out to your local park and doing a massive demo day with heaps of giveaways, tricks and meet and greets.

The aim is to get high level skateboarding into regional areas and communities and develop the Vibes for locals to want to get in on the action!

2. Private Lessons

Coaches can do everything from beginner sessions to speed up process of using parks and streets to advanced training like flip tricks and grinds to contest run training.

Level 2 coaches specialize in contest and technical training and all have experience in judging.

Costs are as follows:

1 Person 1 Hour – $70

2-5 people 1 hour – $110

6-10 people 1 Hour – $160


3. Design and artwork
Our in house graphics designers specialise in Skateboard banners, flyers, deck design and much more for skateboarding related design


4. Contest Management

ASCI assists in delivering contests all over Australia from Grassroots contests to major state titles.

We can assist on all aspects from:

1. Branding and promoting events

2. Registration Process

3. Contest Manuals and delivery

4. Judging and supply of judges

5. Sanctioning of events

6. Insurance

7. Training

8. Linking contests to larger titles

9. Judging and heat sheets

5. Photography and Video Production
ASCI Video Production is mediated and handled by our residential photographer & filmer Jake Rowlinson. Jake has been filming and shooting skateboarding throughout Brisbane and The Sunshine Coast for over 8 years.

He delivers high performance skateboarding videos for all our events and multiple local companies.

If you interested in checking out his works it’s available through his Facebook @ . Videos can be found on – J.R Video Production. {link below}

Contact Jake Rowlinson –

Phone: 0 4 1 2 9 5 4 0 1 1

Email –


6. Surveys and Data collection

The Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative helps provide councils, brands and other organisations with valuable data and information about their local skateparks, community and needs in their region.

These surveys can be done in various ways by reaching our networks and asking really direct questions to get the required information needed by the client. We use online platforms to perform these surveys and keep costs down and can target regions more directly.

Clients are given a linkt o access the data live 24/7 so you can watch the results and use that information as it comes in.

Key uses of the survey include:

1. Skatepark maintenance and upgrade plans

2. Feedback from residents on future planning

3. Identifying demographics in regions

4. Identifying youth and community skatepark activation plans.


7. Insurance

If your running a skateboarding event of any kind we can assist in finding you insurance and helping cover the event your delivering.

This can be from:

1. Providing an official to your event to perform risk management and registrations.

2. Accrediting your local people to deliver the event.

3. Providing coaches with their own cover.

4. Event Insurance.


8. National Schools Program

The National Schools Program is an initiative to help move skateboarding forward into private and public schools across Australia.

Skateboarding is in high demand from students, parents and teachers.

As each school is different we cater the program to suit the students and the schools needs.

The different Models we currently use are:

1. Building skateboarding into the school curriculum

2. Before School Sport

3. Inter School Sport

4. During School Development

5. After school skate care

6. Coaching programs

7. Accreditation Courses for teachers.


9. Coaching programs

The Revolutions Skateboarding Workshops program makes learning to skateboard fun, safe and easy for everyone. Through weekly coaching sessions they will learn the skills of skateboarding in an exciting, social and safe environment. The Revolutions program has centres that operate all over the country.

Participants will learn the fundamental motor skills vital for skateboarding and sport participation as well as learning how to interact with other park users as part of a group in small group activities.

The program also provides a great opportunity for parents to interact with their kids through the activities, have the opportunity to make new friends, learn about skateboarding and spend quality time with their children.

What to Bring:

Helmet, Skateboard, Sunscreen, Water. Most programs have boards and helmets available but check the day to make sure this service is offered.


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