As of March 15, 2019, ASCI will be rolling out an annual membership program.

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This membership program has a sole focus on skateboarding moving forward and operating like other sports and also to improve Events, Inclusion and opportunity for skateboarders nationally.

The different membership packages provide different support for the members. Benefits can include discounts on accommodation when travelling, discount from retailers and skate brands, as well as income and injury protection and magazine subscriptions.

What does my membership go towards?
Membership fees will be used for the following
1.Removing and reducing entry fee at contests
2. Increasing Prize money at contests
3.Bringing  in extra staff to make the events more efficient
4.Paying for qualified judges and officials
5.Bringing in live streaming at events
6.Extended insurance for members

Members Voice
very year, an annual survey and period will be open to members only to contribute and provide feedback on how we can improve skateboarding. Everything moving into the future will be focused on a members say approach to develop the best outcomes at events.

Ready to Join?
Check out the member packages below to join and find the right one for you.

Need Help Paying?
We have an option for a payment plan over 3 months. call us on 1300 918 531 if you need a hand