Simon Prakash dethroned at King of the Skatepark 2016

It was a hot day in Pomona and the skateboarders came out to impress with all divisions of the annual skateboard contest in full throttle with final scores only a point or 2 between them.

Haylie powell took out the Juniors with her arm in a cast and did not disappoint, landing a frontside 360 grab to fakie in the deep end.

Corey Nixon from the 16s had a strong session and came out on top and was close to grabbing a place in the opens but the big boys held him out.

Last years winner Simon Prakash performed strongly but it was the sunshine coasts Jacob Hudson who took the title this year. And rightly so.

Special mention to Kaine Gilgen for pushing beyond his limits down the 2 block.

Final Results

Opens / pro

1st Jacob Hudson

2nd Simon Prakash

3rd Kaine Gilgen

16 and under

1st Corey Nixon

2nd Jake Ford

3rd Sean Schofield

12 and Under

1st Haylie Powell

2nd  Jett Schimmer

3rd Makaha Wykes
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