Skate Club

Skate Club is a national skatepark program providing supervised skatepark sessions for school children in close proximity to local skateparks.

This program allows young skatepark users to be able to use the park after school up until collection from Parents or Guardians after work.

A trained official is on site from 3-6pm with water, sunscreen, first aid kit, and in uniform to supervise the facility during these hours.

While the official is on site they will check everyone into the register, as well as check the skatepark for damage and graffiti, and send those reports back to council. As well as collecting any waste or rubbish on site. This helps maintain a clean and quality skatepark in your community.

Children will meet at the skatepark after school and sign in with the supervisor. These activities will either be free or low cost to the participant. The Supervisor will stay at the facility until all participants are collected. They can ride a skateboard, bmx or other skatepark equipment. The supervisor will supply water and sunscreen for participants.

One day a week at a skatepark will be fully supervised from 3-6pm. The Supervisor will pick up the rubbish, check for new graffiti and damage to the skatepark and send a report back after each session. This also provides an alternative for families to after school care and can assist families in keeping money in their pocket while having their children safely use their local facility on weekdays.

Skate Club is a great way for young people or parents to get involved in skatepark activities. It is a great stepping stone to coaching and other roles in the skatepark sports and can help build a local community. IF you are interested in being a skate club supervisor email and we can take you through the qualification process.

Programs will be Launching in 2020.