Skate Titans Oaklands Results

12 and Under

1st Bohdi Smith

2nd Angus Taylor

3rd Kale Taylor

4th Cash Murdock
5th Angus Grieg

16 and Under

1st Ethan Forster

2nd Jake Macauley

3rd Jaxon Samwell

4th Bohdi Smith

5th Lesley Wilson

6th Jack Sadler

Open Womens

1st Kat Williams

2nd Blayze Harmer

3rd Meagan Rawlings

Open Mens

1st Chris Craig

2nd Addison Luke- Nichols

3rd Tyler Czora

4th Patrick Brealey

Tied 5th Zac Jackson

Tied 5th Ben Kelly

6th Nick Wigzell

7th Brad Dempster

8th Kris Tannahill

9th Daniel Flavel

10th Lesley Wilson

11th Jake Bailey

12th Jack Sadler

13th Jakey Griffith

Qualified for S.A State titles and Rumble on the Reef.

Bodhi Smith

Angus Taylor

Ethan Forster

Jake Macauley

Blaze Harmer

Meagan Rawlings

Chris Craig

Addison Luke-Nichols

*Note Kat Williams is pre qualified as the incumbent state champion and Rumble on the Reef womens champion.

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