Skate Titans X Etnies major announcement

The Skate Titans Contest Series runs 30 contests across Australia, aiming to spread them to the most diverse places possible to develop an inclusive contest circuit without boundaries for people living outside of metropolitan areas.

With this shift in schedule and locations, young skateboarders and parents on the road are travelling further between contests, and having to pick and choose contests to extend their family budgets.

We are please to announce that for the Skate Titans 2019, Etnies will be providing financial assistance for the 16 and Under and 12 and Under Divisions, as well as in kind support in relation to prizes.

How this looks
In the Junior Divisions, The top 3 placed skateboarders will receive a monetary sum to help them get from A to B. While its not massive amounts, every little bit helps to get these skateboarders moving and able to do what they love.

This is a huge breakthrough in skateboarding contests, and Etnies are a great asset to skateboarding, being skateboarder owned, and also contributing to skateboarding in Australia by sponsoring a large team in Australia, All these contests and bringing in their international team for the Etnies Rumble on the Reef.

We look forward to working with the Team at Etnies again for 2019.


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