Skateboarders – Why you should stay home

There’s been a lot of discussion since the closure of skateparks around why this has been done, do we need to follow it and does it include me.

This article is to clarify how the Covid-19 situation is effecting skateboarding and why its important for all of us to do our part and stay at home.

  1. The Virus
    If we all go out to skate the parks individually we may think its ok. and hit the streets and anything else we can find. The reality is that the places when a lot of individuals go out becomes a group, and that becomes a problem. The system only works if we all follow it and the spread can still happen if we are out there all the time.
  2. The Industry, your mates, family and things you love about skating.
    Currently there are bans in place affecting huge parts of the skateboarding industry. Retail is barely operational, brands are struggling, events and coaching are banned and Pro and other riders are being stood down by their brands and employers.

    This situation is serious. The economic scope of this comes down to time. Most of the brands, Skate Schools, Skate shops and Organisers in the industry have a floating ability of between 8 weeks and 3 months. This means this is how much cash they have to survive on in hard economic times.
    While people are still skating parks and going outside, we will either have
    a) further bans and closures imposed on everyone or
    b) longer lengths to recover and have the current bans lifted.

    If it drags on too long, the side effects can be long term and devastating. Skate shops supporting staff, local skaters and brands will shut down. Your friends and people you know will lose their sponsors and support. Events and pathways will not be happening, no competitions, no demos, no skateboard schools.

    Making the step now to stay home, jump on insta and put up garage clips is how skaters can do their part to keep the industry alive, as with skateboarding the sooner we can function again the better it will be.

    Who knows, you might even contribute to saving some lives along the way.

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