South Australia Contest Strategy

Our team are developing a contest strategy for South Australia over the next 3 years.

The Strategy has main goals which are

1. Bringing the State up to the level of other states

2. Providing pathways to larger contests

3. Building exposure and opportunities for South Australian Skateboarders.

4. Having a structured contest Season.

5. Local Employment

The Strategy aims to Roll out a 9 contest season per year across South Australia starting may 2018. This will run a monthly contest from August to March, with a state titles every april.

The Prize Pool for the contests in total is aiming to have around $13,000. ($1000 per contest with $5000 at the state titles.) This is for 2018 – 2019 season.

Local Input.

These contests will be delivered by local people, who will be employed to judge , Mc and facilitate the contests. Local businesses such as brands and skate shops will be connected to the contests to make sure its about growing capability and supporting locals.

Cash Prizes

We are strong believers in making sure the skateboarders are paid well for their efforts and will not run a State Titles with any less than $5000 Prizemoney.


Every stop before state is a pre qualifier and the state titles will have a pathway to ASF nationals. 9 contest per year will provide a large amount of exposure for the skaters and also the pathway will connect them to other states and brands nationally.


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