We don’t just try to be Carbon Neutral, we thrive at it.

With a lot of events in regional Australia, we understand the importance sustainability is for our environment. As a small growing operation, we feel we can lead by example to others in our industry, and to businesses in general.

Our office (top) has 2 rows of solar panels powering a lot more than just our space, read more below about how we approach sustainability and how you could find ways to minimise your footprint.

Not only do we have solar, but we have amazing power storage on site, being able to completely function off solar for the entire site.

For meetings, transport and moving around, we have Electric bikes and Trikes at the office to make sure we can get where we need to around town without having to take a car everywhere. The best part of it all is, they are charged off the office battery, so completely charged by Solar.

Electric bikes are charged by solar and used to zip to meetings and around the office.

The days of the generator are gone. Thanks to Skate Connection and Bumpboxx AU, we acquired 6 x Flare 8 Speakers. These all run off long life lithium batteries, and can power a standard event on one charge. All of them are charged via our solar system at the office before we head to events.

Introducing the Rumble events vehicle

The Right Panel contains over 200AH of Lithium battery power. The cells can be charged by driving, a wall charger or by the solar panel in the roof pod. The battery holding power has enough power to power an event for 3 days. 240v Power supply comes straight out the back, eliminating the need for generators and transporting gear via trucks.
The Pull out awning allows for a 4 minute setup and creates an events hub on the spot.
The removable Roof pod has 5G broadcast wifi, Amber light for site, Solar Panel, 240v power supply and battery storage. This pod can be lent to community groups to power there smaller events without the full car setup. 100% of the power in the pod is from solar.
When needed, a fully enclosed room for staff and admin can be created to create a private Green Room
Panels can be swapped to either site to choose your best place for entry and public facing
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