Hi there,

I enrolled my two children, Eloise and Tobey, in today’s session  run by Jax (Jack?) and Justin.

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was to have been able to give my children such an exciting opportunity to get out and active.  As a stay at home mum, our budget doesn’t always stretch very far, so programs like the Revolutions one are something I’m always looking out for.

A lot of the time, free or low cost programs come at the expense of quality – however this program was definitely not one of those.

Both the facilitators were obviously extremely knowledgeable about the sport and were incredibly gentle and patient with the children who attended.

Tobey, my 6 year old, was the youngest (and smallest there).  His size had him limited by the things he was able to do.  Jax, on seeing this, spent time with him teaching him tricks that he could much more easily master.  When he lined up with the other kids to try a ‘drop in’, he was pale, and shaking and just not able to get himself to be able to go through with it at that height.  Once again, Jax took him to another part of the ramps and helped him drop in from much closer to the ground, gradually increasing the height each time until he was able to do it from the same height as the other children.

My daughter (8) was also very afraid of the drop in, and had worked herself into tears, which we only discovered when it was her turn to try.  Justin assured her she didn’t have to do it, but when she admitted she wanted to try but was scared of falling, the first thing he did was to reassure her that he wouldn’t let go and that she could take as long as she wanted.  With that support and encouragement, she had a go and did a fantastic job.  As a perfectionist, it is so hard to get her to try anything new, and here she was, balancing on a skateboard, dropping down into a steep dive, with only a helmet (and strong arms) for protection.

None of the children were forced to do anything they weren’t comfortable with and all the children were given ample one-on-one time with the instructors.  It was an excellent session and my children were so excited at their achievements afterwards and couldn’t wait to try all their new moves out when they got home.

Often the only time people get in touch is to complain.  I wanted to make sure you know what a wonderful job Jax and Justin did and to commend them both on their patience and thoughtfulness.  I would also like to extend that thanks to all of you at Australian Skateboarding for running these workshops. In the space of just two short hours you have ignited an interest in skateboarding in my children which will not only help them remain active and health, but also remind them that with courage and determination, they can achieve anything.

With gratitude,

Carleen Steele


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