Toowoomba rolls out first Full Scale Skateboarding Strategy in Australia

The Garden City has impressed yet again and shown its leadership by launching a full scale skateboarding strategy for 2020 in the region.

Thew new strategy aims to have a full programming for all levels of skateboarding, and will provide locals with an edge in skateboarding as a first of its kind.

What’s in the program?
1. Free Beginner learn to Skate Workshops.
2. Advanced Training programs with top level skateboarders.
3. Skateboarding Competitions for Locals only.
4. Annual Mayoral Skateboarding Competition.

This program will take skaters from scratch on a skateboard, through to competition and advanced training, local competitions to train and have fun, all leading into the Annual Mayoral competition.

Toowoomba has a history of skateboarding talent coming from the region, and its exciting to see this new strategy come to fruition.


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