Urgent Release – Memo to Councils in Australia

A number of concerns have been flooding social media and our inbox with concerns about disregard for public Skateparks.

Due to covid 19 and the skatepark closures nationally, a number of councils have been filling skateparks with dirt, gravel and sand to deter users from using the facilities.

This will cause damage to the skatepark surface, potentially more upon removal, and result in massive costs to resurface and repair this at a later date.

A major part of this damage is that skateparks have expansoin joints all over them to stop pressure building in random places, when too much sand or dirt gets in the expansion joints, when they shrink they have no space and forces cracking on other parts of the park. These cracks can cost up to $450 per metre to repair and it may be an ongoing repair that needs to continue to happen.

DO NOT under any circumstance cover your skatepark with any of these materials. There are many other options and knowledge available to help in this situation without causing damage to the facilities.

Please send this message to all members of your committee and other councils before more begin to further damage their facilities which will need repairs at ratepayers expense

We can assist with a safe closure plan at no cost, and can be emailed at enquiries@australianskateboarding.com