Who are the sponsors on the flyer and what do they do?

Who are these guys?

Every contest or event normally has a flyer, video and marketing with a ton of brands all over it.  Sometimes people may not pay particular attention to this but its important to know who they are, how they help and why you should support them.  This article will provide some insight into how it all functions.

Costs in running an event
Skateboarding contests have a number of things that need to be payed for. Judges, MC, Admin, Software, Insurance, Equipment, Prizes, Contest Entry, Permits, sanction fees, videos, photographers,  freight, fuel and prize money.

It can add up quite quickly even at the small events.  The brands on the flyer and event sponsors (including councils) all co-contribute to the overall event to cover all of these expenses and make sure you have a great experience at the events.

Why do some Contests have entry fee and some don’t?
As an example, if a contest was run purely off entry fee, it would cost around $183 to enter a contest.  The Councils and sponsors cover majority of the fund normally, with some contests having a small entry fee.

If you have been to a contest where the entry is free, this is because one or more of the brands on the flyer have paid this for you, to make sure everyone can enter no matter what they can afford.

The community and how the environment functions
There is an intricate process of function in building a sustainable scene for skateboarders and we are going to outline below the roles everybody plays and how it can be effected.

The Community Circle and how it functions
To break down the skateboarding community and its growth,  brands invest in skaters and events, they support the brands, the brands grow and reinvest in events which grow skateboarding. This creates a ‘recession proof’ barrier in the community, with money circulating between skateboarders and become self sustainable long term into the future.

Slowed Growth of skateboarding, and impacts of not supporting sponsors.
If a brand sponsors an event, and someone purchases their products, they directly reinvest back into the skateboarding community. When someone buys a product from a brand that’s not supporting their community events, it takes investment out of contests, sponsoring riders, prize money and even can make things like entry fee go up.

Etnies began supporting skateboarding contests back in 2015.  They have a shoe called the kids Marana, which is a good price and lasts a long time.  The side effect has been that sales have spiked for Etnies, Parents are saving money getting a quality shoe, and Etnies is now giving away shoes at every contest and bringing in its best internationals every year to build skateboarding in Australia.
If the competitors went and bought different shoes like Vans or another brand, There’s a high chance there would be no Rumble on the Reef, no free shoes at events, and contest entry on all events.


Thanks for taking the time to get updated on a integral part of the skateboarding community.  Our best advice is when your looking at products, have a look if they support the community, sponsor team riders and do active things to grow skateboarding, its your future your investing in. Whether it be Skate Titans, King of Concrete, Rumble on the Reef, Bowlarama or even a local comp, have a look who is on the flyer and support them, because that’s exactly what they are doing for you.


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